How to enjoy onsen or hot springs in Japan.

When you take a bath in your room at a Western-style hotel in Japan, you don’t have to worry about Japanese bathing method. But if you plan to visit onsen, public baths or spas, please obey to the following rules so as to have a good time!

<Before bathing>

*You are not allowed to wear a swimsuit when you get into a bath.

*People with tattoos are banned from most places.

*Please refrain from drinking before bathing.

*Put off your clothes in the dressing room, and take a face towel into the bathing area.

<At the bathing area>

*Before soaking in the bath, rinse your body with hot water.

*Be sure not to put your towel or your hair in the bathtub.

*When bathing, enter the bathtub gently and slowly.

*Don’t wash your body in the bathtub.

*Don’t swim in the bathtub.

*Be careful not to splash hot water around you when washing your body.

*Please clean the bathing bucket and stool you used, and put them back where they were.

*Dry your body before leaving the bath.

After bathing, don’t forget to hydrate yourself because you might lose moisture. There are several rules when bathing in japan, but the most important thing is to relax.

Enjoy yourself greatly!