What does the inbound business version of ‟Three-Way Satisfaction” mean?

The letters “iTWS” in the name of our Partnership are an acronym for inbound three-way satisfaction. Three-way satisfaction refers to the business secret for Omi shonin who were counted among the three major Japanese merchants and played active roles in various parts of Japan. In order to win people’s confidence, they valued three-way satisfaction: satisfaction for a seller, a buyer and the public. Business should not be done only for the profit of a seller but also be good for a client as a buyer, which goes without saying, and for society—that is what they thought.

This is the way of thinking which can be accepted as the present management philosophy, and it also applies to our guide interpretation business. We, guide interpreters, focus our mind so much on how we should entertain inbound travelers (international visitors to Japan) in front of our eyes that we have a smack of the lack of a viewpoint that we should also consider the positions of inbound businesses related to food and drink, lodging, and attractions, etc. and of community residents. Each member of our Partnership engraves on her/his mind that we consume tourism resources along with inbound travelers, and we build up our organization which can be recognized as desirable by such businesses and residents.

By the way, we made “i” of “inbound” a small letter on purpose because we decide to be something which is useful for and is loved by the public as iPhone and iPS cells. Moreover, “j” of “japan” in the name of our Partnership represents the rising sun flag by making it a small letter, and we put our thought—we want to deliver from Japan to the world the spirit of our predecessors, Omi shonin—into “TWS” by making the important management philosophy exclusive, large letters in order to emphasize “TWS” more.