Eddy Murayama

Guiding & IT

Kon-nichiwa ( Hello ) ,
I would like to help you enjoy staying in Japan.

Japan has many attractive things including beautiful nature, unique culture, Japanese food and more. I will help you experience some of these as many as possible.

Qualifications Related to Guide Interpretation Business

  • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)
  • Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor
  • Licensed Domestic Tour Conductor

Career Summary

I used to work as an engineer for a major electronic manufacturer which exports communication systems and components to overseas. Through the job, I visited many countries including US and New Zealand where I stayed for four years. I have found it fun to communicate with people in other countries. So, after my recent retirement, I started to work as a guide interpreter.

Main Areas in Guiding

Tokyo, Chiba (Narita, Chiba City, Mt. Nokogiri) and Kanagawa (Hakone, Kamakura)

Hobbies / Interests

Pottery, Zen meditation, Golf, Travel and Sailing