Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information

iTWS japan Limited Liability Partnership (hereinafter referred to as “the Partnership”) stipulates the policies for the protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “PPI”), constructs a structure for PPI, ensures that all partners of the Partnership are well informed and familiarized with the importance of PPI and the efforts by the Partnership, thus pursues the achievement of PPI.

Management of Personal Information

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, the Partnership keeps the personal information of its customers accurate and updated, takes necessary measures for maintaining the security system, streamlining the management process and driving the education of the partners so as to prevent any of unauthorized access, loss, falsification, corruption, or leakages of the personal information, implements security measures, thus achieves the strict management of the personal information.

Purpose of the Use of Personal Information

The Partnership uses the personal information provided by the customers when the Partnership sends the customers e-mails or information materials for the purpose of communication, the introduction of services, or the answers to questions.

Disclosure of Personal Information to the 3rd Party

The Partnership manages the personal information provided by the customers in a strict manner and will not provide the personal information to the third party except for any of the following cases;

  • When the consent by the customer exists,
  • When the Partnership provides the personal information to the third party for the purpose of outsourcing a part of businesses in order to carry out the services requested by the customer, or
  • When the disclosure of the personal information needs to be done in accordance with the laws and regulations.
Security Measures for Personal Information

The Partnership takes all security measures necessary to ensure the accuracy and safety of the personal information.

Inquiry from the Customer

When the customer makes inquiries about his or her personal information kept by the Partnership and wants the personal information to get corrected or deleted, the Partnership will respond to the request with confirming that the requester is identical to the person who has provided the original information.

Compliance with the Laws and Regulations

Compiling with the Japanese laws and regulations regarding the personal information, the Partnership reviews and improves this privacy policy as necessary.


If you have any inquiry about handling the personal information by the Partnership, please contact the following.