iTWS japan Limited Liability Partnership was established in October 2018 by National Government Certified Guide Interpreters. In addition to such travel-related certificates as Certified General Travel Services Supervisor and Licensed Domestic Tour Conductors, our members possess highly specialized qualifications such as U.S.CPA, Trekking Guide certified by the Japan Mountain Guide Association, System Audit Engineer, etc., thus making us more professional and unique.

In 2020, COVID-19 shattered the tourism industry worldwide. Japan was no exception, either. The guide interpretation business of iTWS japan was forced to be dormant. In 2022, the Japanese Government finally lifted the restrictions on FIT (foreign individual travelers). Actually, I often get to see those people again. And I hope that has led to a gradual increase in the number of FIT visiting our country.

Utilizing the dormancy, we redesigned our websites. Our new travel portal in English introduces not only guided-tours but also findings and insights by our members which you may want to check out when you plan a trip to Japan. The English corporate site has been also renewed, and the Japanese site is under a full-fledged revision with our expanded business scope of providing consulting and translation services for the inbound tourism industry in Japan in addition to guide interpretation services.

Our vision is to achieve the inbound business version of “Three-Way Satisfaction”. It is our pleasure to serve inbound travelers as a guide interpreter. Furthermore, taking advantage of the strengths of each member, we are committed to helping all people in inbound tourism industry in Japan through consulting, translation, guide interpretation and other required methods, thus fulfilling the vision and mission of iTWS japan.

Thank you for reading!

Dies Faustus, November, 2022                          
Yoko Yoshida                                                  
Representative Partner, iTWS japan LLP