Because all the members of our Partnership are National Government Certified Guide Interpreters, guide interpretation business must be the leading core. However, the realization of “Three-way Satisfaction” in the field of inbound business is the vision of our Partnership.  As business relating to the guide interpretation, we not only assist inbound businesses to be globalized, work as a foreign language lecturer in a seminar and a training of a local government and a school, but also perform management assistance for inbound businesses. A member of our Partnership has the national certificate of SMB Management Consultant and worked at a consulting firm. So, depending upon the scale of the project, it is possible to get assistance from such old friend consultants.

There are not a few individuals and organizations that offer consulting services to inbound businesses. Most of them, however, tend to depend upon their linguistic ability without enough business understanding, or on the contrary, consultants of them understand the business, but cannot introduce customers (inbound travelers) to their clients by the lack of linguistic ability and the network. In that respect, we can offer better consulting services to inbound businesses because it is possible for us, as guide interpreters, to introduce our own customers finally. In other words, in order to achieve the “Three-Way Satisfaction,” the mission of our Partnership is to provide one-stop service in the inbound business field.