Four promotion programs with rewards are put in place for guests who settle payment of guiding fee via PayPal, a standard payment method of iTWS japan.

Appear in Short Video

20% refund of guiding fee to a guest who agrees to his/her activities being videoed during a tour & a 2~5 minute video being posted on iTWS japan’s website.

Provide Feedback

10% refund of guiding fee for posting on iTWS japan’s website the guest’s text (100~ words), first name, country & photo. 5% refund of guiding fee if no guest’s photo.

Refer a Friend

For your friend (referee), 5% discount of guiding fee on a guiding contract

For you (referrer), JPY refund equivalent to the above 5% discount

Repeat Customer

For Repeat Customer, 10% discount of guiding fee in next guided tour

Thank you for your repeated choice of iTWS japan


Question: I’d like to pay guiding fee in cash when I meet a guide. Is the program still applicable ?

Answer: This promotion program with rewards is applied to guests who pay guiding fee through PayPal system which is a standard payment method of iTWS japan. This is based on our assumption that payment through PayPal wouldn’t create a big issue for guests, while it helps us do refund to guests faster without a failure and far less costly.

Question: Please elaborate how I can get refund for participating in the program ?

Answer: Refund will be made to PayPal account of the guest which he/she used for paying guiding fee. If the guest used his/her credit card as a payment method to PayPal account, refund will be made to PayPal account, eventually to your credit card account.

Question: Until when do you continue the promotion programs ?

Answer: The current promotion programs would get altered or end in future. We plan to continue unless otherwise announced.

Question: Is the program of “Appear in Short Video” applied to all tours ?

Not all but selected tours. Each guide stipulates on his/her tour introduction page whether or not the promotion program of “Appear in Short Video” is applied to the tour. The guide is to double-confirm the guest’s consent to participating in the program before starting video recording on the spot.

For Further Information

Please contact a guide or send your question via Contact Form. Thank you!