Kamakura walking ~Tsurugaokahachimangu~

Hi, this is Yoko from iTWS japan LLP. Thank you for visiting. I went to Kamakura, one of my favorite places, the other day. I will introduce very famous shrine, Tsurugaokahachimangu, today. Sorry that photos are not clear, becaouse it was rainy and windy that day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Tsurugaokahachimangu shrine is one of the most famous sightseeing spots. When you arrive at Kamakura station, you will go to Wakamiya oji street near the station. You can see the avenue for pedestrians that is called “Dankazura”. Let’s walk there to go to the shrine! This avenue narrows as you walk toward the shrine. That’s why it looks longer from the Ni-no-torii gate near the station to the shrine. It is said the avenue prevented Kamakura shogunate from being attacked by the enemy a long time ago. Originally, Minamoto Yoritomo who was a founder of Kamakura Shogunate ordered for his pregnant wife, Masako to walk easier though. FYI, common people couldn’t walk there.

We went through “Chinowa” at Hachimangu shrine. Do you know “Chinowa”? It’s a big ring of grass that purifies your soul of all evil by going through it. Hope to ward off epidemics and stay in good health!

This place is called “Maiden” where Shizuka who was Yoritomo’s brother, Yoshitsune’s girlfriend and Japanese traditional dancer performed. Although Yoritomo and Yoshitsune were brothers, they couldn’t keep good relationship. Yoshitsune had to run away, and Shizuka was caught. I wonder why they couldn’t get along with each other.

There was a big gingko tree at the shrine. It was one of the highlights of Hachimangu. But it fell down due to a strong wind about 10 years ago. Now, the sprouts have come out from the remaining root. And the trunk has been transplanted to the side to take root.

A pigeon which is a symbol of peace is also the symbol of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. This pigeon shaped sable is very famous confectionery of Kamakura. It’s a very rich butter cookie. You should try it when you come to Kamakura!

Well, thank you for reading. Have a nice week!

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