Invitation to Paradise for Airplane Photo Lovers

Do you have any interest in taking photos of airplanes taking off and landing on an airport?

Tokyo Haneda International Airport would be your first choice to land on when you plan to visit Japan because it is a hub airport which connects to all other domestic airports in Japan. Before leaving for any of them, you may want to spend several days in Tokyo Metropolitan and enjoy sightseeing at such famous places like Asakusa, Shibuya Crossing, Imperial Palace, small pubs in Shinjuku, and so forth. If you were a lover of taking airplane photos, however, please do not miss visiting several places in and around the Haneda Airport.

Let’s NOT rely on FlightRader 24

There are four runways at the Haneda airport. B and D runways are placed in the direction of NE(north-east) to SW(south-west). while the remaining two A and C are put in the direction of NW(north-west) to SE(south-east). Your question of “Onto which runway, from which direction, will a next airplane be landing?” would be given a right answer if you understand the logic that an airplane is to approach against the blowing wind. When the wind blows from the south, an airplane is to approach from the north and land on B (from regions / countries in the south such as Okinawa, Asian countries and AU/NZ) or D (from those in the north such as Hokkaido, North Americas and Europe. It is one of joys for lovers of airplane photos to figure out a right answer to “Onto which runway, from which direction?”, not looking into  a smartphone application like Flightrader 24!

Observation deck (5F, T2 second terminal)

The observation deck faces the east, commanding the view of C Runway. It would be one of your greatest memories that you spend time in taking photos of airplanes on C Runway with the background of the Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Sky-Tree. Photo below is one taken by me.

taking off C Runway

Observation deck (RF-7F, T1 first terminal)

The observation deck provides views of A Runway and airplanes parking in front of T3 international terminal. If you were lucky, you would be able to see Mt.Fuji which appears silhouetted against the sky. I have not been lucky enough to enjoy viewing the Japan’s highest mountain from the airport, so far.

Public Parks around Haneda Airport

There are several public parks from which you can observe airplanes reaching or leaving Haneda Airport. Photos below were ones taking by me from Johnan-jima Marine Park and Ukishima-cho Park.

  landing on B Runway

approaching to C Runway

making a steep turn after taking off C Runway

approaching to B Runway in evening twilight

By Jin Shibata

Jin Shibata

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    • Lana
    • 2022.10.31 10:15am

    Great information for plane photos!

    • Jin Shibata
      • Jin Shibata
      • 2022.10.31 10:19am

      Thank you so much for your words! Please enjoy taking great photos at Haneda.