Japanese Hot Springs

Hi, thank you for visiting. This is Yoko writing about hot springs in Japan. Have you ever visited to a hot spring resort in Japan? And how was it? Did you enjoy there? If you never been to those kinds of places, do you want to try? I’d like to introduce Japanese hot springs which are very popular.

There are many hot spring resorts in Japan. And there are many Japanese people who love hot springs. (Including me!) One of attractions is a health benefit. That’s because Japanese hot springs have been used to treat wounds and illness since ancient times.

There are also many Japanese inns, hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants or cafes in hot spring resorts. It’s like a town. A lot of tourists visit hot spring resorts throughout the year. They want to feel relaxed, get rid of stress, or recover from being worn out.

You can enjoy just one day trip to there. But I recommend you to stay at a Japanese inn. As hot spring resorts are located in mountain areas or near the sea, you can get to appreciate nature. It is great to relax in an open-air bath while viewing the scenery.

After soaking in a bath, how about enjoying Japanese food? You can taste fresh local vegetables and seafood. Japanese cuisine is very attractive not only its taste but also its appearance. Furthermore, they are perfect for Japanese sake!

When you stay at an inn or a hotel, you can enjoy bathing anytime during your stay. After dinner, before going to bed, or in the next morning, for example. I hope you can enjoy staying in a hot spring resort and having a good time while soaking a bath or eating Japanese cuisine in the near future!

Thank you for reading. Please have a nice week!

* Some hot springs smell because of sulfur.
* We introduce the bathing method. Please refer to it on our website.

Yoko Yoshida, a member of iTWS japan LLP

Yoko Yoshida

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