My Summer Vacation

Hi, thank you for visiting our website. This is Yoko from iTWS japan.

It seems that the summer is coming to an end. Tokyo was in the state of emergency during the summer. In fact, Tokyo has been declared a state of emergency a couple of times since this year. Even so, I still wanted to enjoy this summer! And I came up with the idea of staying at a hotel in Tokyo.

As you know, there are many hotels and inns in Tokyo. I chose “Hill Top Hotel” which is known for one of classic hotels in Japan from a lot of accommodation. It was the hotel that I have been wanting to stay for a long time. That’s why I was very excited!

Hill Top Hotel is designed with an artistic taste and an elegant atmosphere. It’s not big but this hotel’s traditional hospitality is amazing. I almost forgot I was in the city while relaxing in a comfortable room. Since a lot of publishers are located near here, this hotel has been popular with writers or journalists for a long time.

When I entered the room, I started jumping with joy! Everything is perfect!

Amenity items are full!

Hill Top Hotel is well-known for nice restaurants. It’s too bad some of them are closed, because of covid. I was lucky that tempura restaurant is open! Today’s dinner is tempura! A chef cooked fresh seafood and vegetables one by one just in front of me. It was a great time. I really enjoyed it!

This is corn tempura. Fresh corn is so sweet and so delicious!

I had breakfast in the room. They usually serve breakfast at restaurants in the hotel. But room service is available only due to covid for now. Still, each ingredient was garnished carefully and they were so good. I really had a good time.

Staying at a local hotel was interesting. I could forget my daily life and escape from busy city life. I want to spend at a hotel again. Well, as I didn’t go sightseeing, it was a trip that I just ate a lot!

When you visit Tokyo, I recommend that you stay at Hill Top Hotel. And let’s go sightseeing together!
Thank you for reading. Please have a nice week!

Yoko Yoshida, a member of iTWS japan LLP

Yoko Yoshida

Living in Tokyo, I would like to show you both around Tokyo and outside of Tokyo. Let's enjoy together!


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