Amazing Cherry blossoms in Chiba prefecture

I live in Chiba prefecture which is next to Tokyo and has the Narita international airport and beautiful countryside. There are many nice spots of cherry blossoms. So, I would like to introduce the following five spots:

(1) Satomi station in Ichihara city

If you want to see cherry blossoms in countryside, I recommend this spot. Ichihara city is a local city having beautiful nature such as mountains, rice fields and lakes. There is a local train line called Kominato tetsudo which runs through rice fields and mountains. Satomi station is one of stations of the train line. It is famous for splendid cherry blossoms around the station. On Sunday and Saturday, they sell local foods including bamboo shoots, sweet potato and lunch boxes.

(2) Mobara park in Mobara city

There is a large lake in the center of the Mobara park. It is amazing to see more than 2,800 cherry trees around the lake. Reflection of cherry blossoms is especially beautiful. They are lit up at night. Every year Sakura festival is held, but unfortunately it is not held in recent years because of the pandemic.

(3) Sakura-no-yama park near the Narita airport

At this spot, you can see both cherry blossoms and jet planes landing or departing at Narita International Airport. There is an exhibition hall for promoting tourism and local products. You can enjoy local meals such as soba and udon.

(4) Chiba port park

The park is located near the Chiba port tower which is 125m tall. It is the very spacious area having lawn open spaces and tennis courts. It is an ideal Hanami spot for families and couples. Views from the observatory deck of the Chiba port tower are fantastic. You can see not only cherry blossoms but also Tokyo Bay area.

(5) Sakura park in Shibazono, Narashino city

Panasonic, a major electric company, owns this beautiful park near the Makuhari Messe which is one of the largest huge exhibition halls in Japan. The park was designed by a famous architect, Tadao Ando. Different from other parks, he designed it as a modern cherry garden having 505 cherry trees. Under the cherry blossoms, you can enjoy pretty flowers such as tulips and hyacinths.

Japanese people feel that spring came when a cherry tree blooms. As a period of the in full bloom of the cherry tree is only one week, it is very special time to enjoy cherry blossoms with families.

Written by Eddy

Eddy Murayama

Japan has many attractive things such as beautiful nature, unique culture and Japanese food.
I would like to introduce charms of Japan to many people.


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