Would You Like to Try Japanese Sweets?

Thank you for visiting our website. This is Yoko from iTWS japan. I’d like to introduce Japanese confectionery today. I’d be happy if you could enjoy.

“Anmitsu” is Japanese classic dessert including agar jelly, sweet red bean paste, fruits and so on. Icecream or rice cake ball are often decorated with them.


This is “Ice cream Anmitsu” at the café in Yanaka , Tokyo. It’s the speciality of the shop. You can enjoy both vanilla ice cream and azuki (sweet red bean) ice cream.

“Dorayaki” is a very popular Japanese dessert which made with sweet red bean paste sandwiched between two pan cakes. Besides sweet red bean paste, sweet white bean paste, chestnut, fresh cream are sandwiched sometimes. Dorayaki is also famous as Doraemon’s favorite food.
*Doraemon is a popular anime charactor.


You can buy them at one of the famous confectionaries in Asakusa, Tokyo. As it is very popular, I often see a lot of people in front of the shop. It may make you full because a plenty sweet bean paste is sandwiched.

【Shaved Ice】
When it comes to summer in Japan, shaved ice is a must! A vriety of flavored syrups are covered on the shaved ice. Toppings such as sweet red bean paste, sweet condensed milk, ice cream, fruits are often served in Japan.

Japanese style shaved ice

I enjoyed the shaved ice at the long established Japanese confectionery shop the other day. Sweet bean paste and sweet condensed milk are topped on the shaved ice which is my favorite!

Well, would you like to try some Japanese sweets when you visit Japan? As I show you around, let’s enjoy together!

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your summer!

Yoko Yoshida, a member of iTWS japan LLP

Yoko Yoshida

Living in Tokyo, I would like to show you both around Tokyo and outside of Tokyo. Let's enjoy together!


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